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Christian Current is a longtime practitioner and student of Yoga, Meditation, World Religion, and Holistic Health. In addition to having completed numerous yoga and meditation trainings, Christian holds a BA in Philosophy and Religion and an MA in Religious Studies with a focus in South Asia. He is currently completing a PhD in Asian Cultures and Languages emphasizing South Asian Religion, History of Yoga and Sanskrit at the University of Texas at Austin. He has taught and led meditation and mindfulness-based movement exercises at several universities, yoga schools and retreats. His interest in integrative health has lead him to train and practice as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Polarity Practitioner. Christian’s main passion, however, is to approach health and well-being through dynamic self-expression and exploration within challenging, nurturing environments which he creates and holds for himself and others in workshops and individual healing sessions. His teaching style and facilitation reflects his training, travels and experience with a wide range of cultures and modalities as he works to design models to interface between healing systems, worldviews and the many layers of sustainable evolution.

As a lifestyle consultant specializing in stress relief and healthy habits, I help my clients design a more fulfilling, balanced life. It all comes down to creating simple structure and learning how to upgrade mental habits that no longer serve. As a massage therapist, I help clients discover where & how their bodies hold stress, how postural habits create physical pain, and how to release muscle tension, even between massages. My massage clients also learn first-hand that their whole body is a "taste bud" -- that relaxation and physical pleasure can be totally separate from indulging in unhealthy habits. My bodywork and nutritional advice are designed to reset brain chemistry, flush out stress hormones, rebuild the body's immune system and improve clients' overall ability to relax. Understanding what you need to thrive is the first step to actually thriving. After a long history of chronic illness, junk food / sugar addiction and disordered eating, it is a joy to be in the best health and fitness ever, in my late 30s. As a writer, I explore the topics of stress relief, self-care, fulfillment-based living and mindfulness.

I’ve been teaching yoga full time for over ten years in many cities and multiple countries. I began in Bikram yoga and this practice is my foundation having given me a platform from which to grow. Through the years I’ve been called to learn, practice, and teach other styles and forms of yoga. This includes instructing in classes specific to breath work and meditation. I also enjoy teaching the Bishnu Ghosh series of 84 Asanas, and other classic Hatha style practices. Recently, after an amazing Qoya retreat and teacher training in Costa Rica with Qoya founder, Rochelle Schieck, I’ve become extremely excited and inspired by this unique movement practice. To me, Qoya has become a necessity as a way to infuse my spirit with happiness. This is a guided practice for women, which includes a combination of yoga, dance, and sensual movement with the intention to do what feels good. Ahhh… This is simple, yet it is a profound way to be in your body - letting your heart guide you to do what feels good, which really is a metaphor for a healthy life.

Art Instructor, founder of EscapeArtists. I've been creating since childhood. I studied privately in New York's Hudson Valley where I grew up. My career began in New York as a graphic designer and led to marketing and advertising management in Florida after earning a BBA in Marketing at FAU. My love of adventure and travel and my spirit of giving has draw me into some interesting and creative work - from painting massive banners and designing advertising balloons for World Renown Hot Air Balloonist, Chuck Rohr to traveling throughout the Caribbean with her former yacht management business, touching up boat transoms! While taking a break from the commercial art world to raise two children I held art classes and camps for children and adult painting classes for over 10 years as well. More recently, I traveled with The Miracle Foundation to an orphanage in India to co-art direct the painting of murals with my daughter. I volunteer my creative talents for Scare For a Cure's interactive haunt and I'm active with Austin's Art From the Street's. I recently founded EscapeArtists a comprehensive resource for creative people seeking adventure and inspiration via travel, organizing studios, creative volunteering, meditation and prayer!

I gave up teaching high school math to raise hogs.

I'm a technical guy.


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